Why We’re Here


How It All Started

From Struggle to Success

In 2017, Dr. Kryn McClain and Ms. Paulina Colonna brought about an idea to change the behavioral health care industry: build a mental health care company centered on taking care of employees first. 

The idea struck us after being frustrated working in a field we loved, but tired of being undervalued and underpaid.  

So we set out on our own to build a behavioral health company that is constantly working on culture, improving our quality standards for patient care and employee relations, and rooted in strong foundation values of serving the underserved by caring for the caregiver.

Our idea started to grow and more people started to join us in their philosophy: a mission-driven behavioral health company based on values. We learned how to build our company into a community, one that’s inclusive to all who want to join us in our journey.

We chose to name our new company Paragon Behavioral Health Services. The term “Paragon” spoke to us as we were looking for a strong, emblematic name for our business because of how it is defined, which is: A person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality. If one thing was clear when we discussed our new business, it was that we were striving to build something that would be a model of excellence, so “Paragon” fit perfectly.

Healthy and inspirational leaders rarely occur by chance. Strong, dedicated, and supportive leadership skills are cultivated deliberately, with great attention and care. We have always serve the underserved, care for the caregiver, and to do better. We are intentional with decision-making; being mindful to use the appropriate lens to ensure they are adhering to Paragon’s vision and philosophy of care.

Today, Paragon has 3 locations across 2 states, +75 employees, and survived a pandemic. Paragon’s sights are set on expanding and augmenting our existing services. Our leadership team is constantly working to improve the overall experience with Paragon and holding firm to our original philosophy of treating everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve.