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Facing a Crisis or Emergency?

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If you or a loved one is in need of emergent care, please call 988, visit your local emergency room, or call one of the 24/7 hotlines listed on this page.

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Berks County
Holcomb Crisis Interventions
Call: 610-379-2007 or
Toll Free: 1-888-219-3910
Cattaraugus County
24 Hour Crisis Hotline
2-1-1 in Western NY
Lancaster County
Lancaster County Crisis Intervention Team

Crisis FAQs

Answers to Important Questions

Crisis are often built up over time, and can often be recognized and managed by a trained professional.  This section will provide a list and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we have collected over the years from our patients.

What is a Crisis?

A crisis has three stages: beginning, during, and after. When you begin to notice a crisis, early intervention can often prevent and help manage the situation. If you or a loved one is in the "during" phase, actively in crisis (such as wanting to harm self/others), please call a crisis line, 911, or go to a local emergency department.  After the crisis passes, Paragon would be able to assist in rebuilding and recovering.

When should I call a Crisis Hotline?

Please call a crisis hotline if you or a loved one expresses a desire to harm self or others. Crisis interventions can also be used when you recognize harmful thoughts and want to talk them out with a professional.

Will I be hospitalized?

Crisis services' goal is to stabilize you in the least restrictive manner. Sometimes talking things out can be enough to allow the crisis to pass. Other times a visit from a crisis personnel is necessary. Simply calling a crisis line does not automatically mean the recommendation will be hospitalization, while it is always an option if necessary.

Who is on the other end of a Crisis Line?

Trained professional therapists are ready and able to assist you during a crisis just as your regular therapist would! While it won't be someone you are familiar with, these trained professionals are skilled at building a rapport with you to best help you in a time of need.