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Masters Level Clinical Internship


Candidates must be enrolled in an applicable master’s program (counseling, psychology, or social work) at an accredited institution and hold all Applicable clearances and documentation, including student liability insurance.

Our Launch Goals for you include building a sizable caseload during your internship, which ideally will be transferred to a paid employment position upon graduation, earning a competitive wage. We also want you to have the ability to practice independently under the guidance of a supervisor.

What to expect during your internship:
  • One (1) hour of weekly 1:1 supervision
  • In-person or virtual options
  • Private practice setting with flexible schedule as agreed upon between you and your supervisor
  • Team oriented to provide a wide-range of clinical experiences such as: Testing/assessment, sex therapy, marriage/couples, substance abuse, trauma therapy, grief therapy, LGBTQ+, women’s issues (post-partum).
Supervisors currently accepting students:

Dr. Breanne Cox, PsyD

Pay scale:

Unpaid internship with the opportunity to join Paragon upon graduation and successful completion of internship.

Bachelors/Masters Level Business Internship


Candidates must be enrolled in a U.S.-based institution in business, marketing, accounting, or relevant major/program. Contract agreement and a syllabus will be defined and mutually agreed upon among the intern, the Paragon supervisor, and the institution site coordinator.

Our Launch Goals for you include  building preparedness for your industry upon graduation and helping you develop applicable skills that transfer to your future career path.

What to expect during your internship:
  • Weekly meetings 1:1 with direct supervisor and additional group meetings
  • Relevant working experience in a growing company applicable to field of interest
Supervisors currently accepting students:

Dr. Kryn McClain

Pay scale:


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It all begins with a decision. Maybe you need internship hours to complete your degree. Maybe you want to learn applicable skills and more. Or maybe you have a passion to contribute with a company focused on serving our collective community. Whatever it is, your first step can make all the difference.

In the Fall of 2021, Paragon accepted two marketing interns from St. Bonaventure’s C4 club.  In this short clip, Charles Randall and Cecilia Lauciello talk about the transformative experience with Paragon.

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