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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a proven clinical therapy that’s been producing impressive results for autistics since the 1960s. ABA therapy can improve social, communication, and learning skills, as well as general quality of life, through positive reinforcement.  Further, ABA assesses the development, implementation, and assessment of natural environment behaviors to promote improvement and replace behavior. ABA includes the use of observation, data collection and functional analysis of the relationship between the environment and behavior. 

At Paragon, we believe in developing an individualized treatment plan that is unique for each family and youth.  We are committed to holistic treatment for the benefit of everyone involved in the development and support of our clients.

Below you will find helpful articles that provide information that answers these frequently asked questions: What are evidence-based practices? Is ABA right for me and my family? Why are evidence-based practices important for Autism Spectrum Disorder? What are the risks associated with non-evidence-based practices?

What Is Applied Behavior Analysis?

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A Complete List of ABA Providers in PA

Find a Provider Near You

Why do we list other providers? Because our mission is to enhance the lives of our community. We need the support and network of outside providers to meet this mission. Our hope is for you to start services with us, but in the event we are unable to accommodate your request, we want you to have the available resources in your area.

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The Role of the Caregiver

And Their Involvement in ABA Treatment

Raising an autistic loved one can come with challenges, frustrations, and struggles.  We’re here to help encourage, support, and guide along with using evidenced-based practices to enhance your family’s quality of life. Caregivers play an essential role in treatment. Let’s work together to celebrate your wins, be there when difficulties arise, and make strides towards effective and lasting change.

  • The importance of the CaregiverClick here to read an article by the BHCOE, accrediting entity for ABA Providers, on the role of caregivers in ABA treatment.
  • Research and SupportClick here to read the research articles and citations supporting parent/caregiver involvement in ABA treatment.
  • You CAN Make a Difference!Click here to learn the steps we take to ensure your involvement has the greatest impact towards enhancing your family’s quality of life.

Understanding Neurodiversity

What It Means and Why It Matters

At Paragon, we honor and view Autism as a neurodiversity of the brain. Neurodiversity, defined as “brain differences,” is a concept that was established in the 1990s. Autism isn’t “abnormal” or in need of a “cure.” Instead, it is a variation of the human brain.Using the lens of neurodiversity, Paragon re-frames challenges as differences, rather than deficits. Our treatment approach is uniquely designed for each client based on our data collection & analysis.

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