Immigration Psychological Services

Support for the Immigration Process

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How We Support the Immigration Process
Assessment Services for Yourself or Your Loved Ones

At Paragon, our diverse and dedicated team works with individuals and families through the many challenges of the immigration process. We believe in providing psychological evaluations that are individualized to the specific needs of a person, rather than generalizing a culture.

Why Psychological Evaluations?

Helping You Meet Immigration Process Needs

The immigration laws can be extremely difficult to navigate, especially for non-English speakers. Extra factors and barriers that may need to be psychologically assessed are hardships, trauma, and experiences that may impact a person’s mental health. During these times, Paragon’s evaluators can provide professional reviews that may make a difference in a successful immigration defense.

A Paragon evaluator will review the background and context for an evaluation before an appointment. We focus on how your experiences have affected your mental health while looking through the lens of a specific culture, traumatic events, and DSM-5 criteria.

Paragon follows diagnostic evaluation procedure standards set by the Department of Human Services to ensure the quality of care and individualized reports. We use a HIPAA-compliant telehealth portal to maximize accessibility to care.

The Paragon Difference

What to Expect When We Work Together
  • Excellent CommunicationWe will work directly with you and your attorney to ensure you have received a quality evaluation.
  • Timely Turn-AroundWe will complete an evaluation and return it to you and your attorney within five (5) business days, or sooner upon request.
  • ProfessionalismYou and your attorney will receive a cover letter outlining the reason for referral, the consent provided, and a copy of your evaluator’s credentials/professional.
  • ExperienceYou will always be treated with kindness and cultural sensitivity.
  • Bilingual StaffOur administrators are bilingual and can easily assist Spanish-speaking clients and offer translation services.
  • TeleHealthWe can reach any client, anywhere, anytime, using our HIPAA-compliant portal that is easy to use.
  • Affordable FeesWe know legal and psychological fees can be costly. On average, a client may expect a $1500-$3000 charge for the same services Paragon is offering. Paragon charges a flat fee of $500 per evaluation. Pro bono clients are taken into consideration.
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