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Providing Trusted, Comprehensive Autism Testing & Diagnosing Services Services In Berks County, PA

Paragon is dedicated to providing quality evidenced-based care to our Autistic community.  A barrier we have identified is access to psychological testing; specifically for the purposes of diagnosing both children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Paragon’s Dr. Breanne Cox, licensed clinical psychologist, is trained in assessing children using the ADOS-II; the gold-standard in diagnosing ASD.

Insurances Acceptance for Autism Testing & Diagnosing Services
Insurances & Self-Pay Fees

Paragon is working hard to expand our network of availability to provide Autism psychological testing to our community. Current In-Network providers include: Highmark Blue Shield, Capital BlueCross, Quest Behavioral Health, and Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH). Check back to view the latest information.

We also offer private pay options. Paragon’s Autism psychological testing fees are $500/session - it typically takes three (3) sessions to complete.  Payment is due at time of service.

If your insurance company is out of network, we will call your insurance company to request out-of-network fees and make our best efforts to accommodate you.

It is our pleasure to introduce Dr. Breanne Cox, PsyD.  As a licensed clinical psychologist in New York and Pennsylvania, Dr. Cox has specialized training in diagnosing Autism using the ADOS-II instrument.  She has extensive experience working in our IBHS program as a Behavior Consultant and has completed training for working with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"Early testing and diagnosing can make a significant difference in the course of treatment.  The sooner services can start, the sooner lasting, impactful, and tangible change can occur."
— Dr. Breanne Cox, PsyD

Aligning with our value of serving the underserved, Dr. Cox is passionate about meeting the needs of our community through comprehensive care.  Her compassionate nature and warm personality empower her clients to forge new paths and enhance their lives.

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Understanding Our Testing Procedures

How It Works


Dr. Cox will provide you with an hour-long interview to better understand the uniqueness of your child or loved one using the ADOS-II (see information below).


Dr. Cox will administer the ADOS-II with the participant; parents, guardians, and/or family members may observe.


Dr. Cox will then share the results of the ADOS-II with you, answering any questions/concerns you may have.  At this time, she will provide you with a full report and diagnostic evaluation summary.

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