our mission, vision, and philosophies of care

about paragon behavioral healthcare service

par·a·gon /perə,gän/

noun.  a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

If one thing was clear when we discussed naming our business, it was that we were striving to build something that would be a model of excellence, so “Paragon” fit perfectly.

Mission Statement

Forging a path that cultivates and enhances the lives of our communities through attentive and dedicative behavioral healthcare.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the “paragon” preferred place to receive behavioral health care services and the leading employer for the advancement of opportunities.

Equal Access to Care Statement

Our Commitment To You

Paragon is committed to equal access to all patients, regardless of income status through addressing barriers using the Triple-Aim approach by improving the:

Experience of behavioral healthcare

Seamless process to initiate services, high response rate, and physical locations are compliant with American Disability Act standards.

Quality of behavioral healthcare

Quality management and ethics committees are dedicated to upholding the quality and ethical standards of the behavioral health industry in which we serve.


Our IBHS ABA Autism services accepts medical assistance and commercial insurance.  Our outpatient program accepts commercial insurance and offers a sliding scale fee schedule to assist out-of-network individuals.  Our goal is to ensure access to care for all income levels.

The CAPES Initiative: Community Edition

What Drives Our Organization

Our values are a representation of our actions.  While we are unique individuals, we are working towards one mission and one vision.

We see our mission and vision as a journey instead of a destination to be reached.  In all that we do, whether that be providing services, processing claims, or taking out the trash, we put on our CAPES and get to work.

Care for the Caregiver
Put members first: employees, families & patients
Aspire to be a paragon place to work
Strive to do better in all that we do
Progress over perfection
Focus on our unified mission as a work in progress
Embrace diversity and inclusivity
Our differences make us stronger
Serve the underserved
Provide mental health services to populations with limited resources
Contractors, Partners, and Vendors
We rely on our vendors and contractors to keep Paragon running smoothly.