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Understanding Paragon’s Benefits

What You Need to Know About Our Employment Structure

We know and recognize our employees are the reason for our success.  Our philosophy is to take care of our people and they will take care of the rest. That’s why we offer so many benefits focused on appreciating work-life balance.

Let’s start with the basics; or the benefits we believe are essential entitlements. Click on each item to expand additional information.

Does full-time mean 40 hours for clinical provider positions?

In a nutshell, no. We want our employees to feel supported and productive in a meaningful way that doesn’t contribute to burnout. We ask our full-time employees to work 28 client contact hours per week. This allows time for travel, paperwork, and supervision.

Health Insurance

We offer competitive plans with low deductibles. We also make Flex Spending Accounts available and include supplementary Vision/Dental insurance.

Retirement plan that gives profits back to employees

Our employees have access to a retirement plan that gives profits back to employees. Available after 3 eligible months of work, our employees get 100% employer match for the first 3% contributed and 50% match for above 3$ and up to 5% contributed. All employer matching contributions are 100% vested and portable if an employee leaves. Each employee has access to a plan-sponsored financial advisor who can help with diversified investment options at major investment companies.

Paid Time Off

Full-time employees START with 3 weeks of PTO (120 hours or 15 days), plus 5 sick days and 1 float holiday upon successful completion of a 90-day period. Additional time off can be acquired through years of service.

AFLAC Disability Insurance

Paragon is partnered with AFLAC to offer a wide range of disability insurances, which are available to all employees.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

As a behavioral health agency, we want our employees to be well mentally, physically, and emotionally. We offer an EAP program for all full/part-time employees.

The Paragon Difference

The CAPES Initiative: Employee Edition

When parents/guardians cancel, it’s industry standard for a fee-for-service position to not pay the employee.  However, we find it more important that we adhere to our values.

We’ve developed a solution for when a cancellation happens. Our full-time employees have several opportunities to fulfill the missed hours, providing financial peace of mind for our full-time employees.

We understand when an appointment is canceled, often it is out of the control of an employee.  We developed the CAPES program to address this problem by providing other opportunities to work towards Paragon’s mission.

Using our value system, our full-time employees have avenues to make up for lost work in the following ways:

Care for the Caregiver
Joining with supervisors, we work to fill substitution hours for other families who need services first.
Aspire to be a paragon place to work
We want to provide paycheck security for our employees. If a parent/ guardian cancels, there are options to work in the field, help out in the office, or join us in one of our volunteer opportunities.
Progress over perfection
Focusing on progress, we can use our time in meaningful and valuable ways, such as furthering their education and training. We help our employees reach their fullest potential while contributing back to our communities.
Embrace diversity and inclusivity
This program is geared towards helping all employees become more familiar with our IBHS ABA services.
Serve the underserved
Every month, we partner with the United Way as an opportunity for our employees to give back to the communities we serve.


Celebrations, Gatherings,
and Company Culture

We love celebrating and spending time with our employees! Even though we may all work in different locations, we stay connected through annual events such as:

Company holiday gatherings
Pandemic friendly Zoom parties
Fall fun at local orchards
Minor league baseball games
and more to come!

Employees of the Year

Each year, we select an employee who consistently goes above and beyond for others.  This recognition comes with an additional $500 bonus, glass etched trophy, and acknowledgment at our annual holiday party.

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