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We’ve been busy over the last 5 years!  From becoming a new mental health provider, to establishing ourselves as a Great Place to Work, Paragon is dedicated to our mission: Forging a path that cultivates and enhances the lives of our communities through attentive and dedicated behavioral healthcare.

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June 14, 2022
Paragon Behavioral Health Services strives to build a model of excellence

Kryn McClain, and Paulina Colonna were colleagues at a Berks County counseling center when the unthinkable occurred. “I came back from maternity leave and found out my position was being eliminated,”

April 9, 2022
Paragon Behavioral Health Services earns 2022 Great Place to Work certification

Paragon Behavioral Health Services has been certified by Great Place to Work for the first time. The distinction is based on what current employees say about their experience working at Paragon. This

October 19, 2021
BUSINESS Q & A with Paragon

There are so many entrepreneurs and small businesses to celebrate and get to know in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties. Spend some time with us as we get to know one of them! Did you know

April 28, 2020
New mental health provider in Olean ready to help people through stress, other issues

When Olean native Kryn McClain and her associates opened the Paragon Behavioral Health Services in early January, they had no idea services such as theirs would become important in aiding people

Laine Business Accelerator Program

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Beacons in the Darkness: Inspirational Stories from People I Know
by Bill Jordan

Where will your next inspiration will come from? Where will you find your next light? The next stroke of positivity to get out of your rut? The editor of this collection decided to create some of his own light by asking his friends and family for their inspirational stories. Many of those have been compiled here for the world to find that same inspiration. Ranging from uplifting stories of personal challenges ...

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Oct 30, 2022

Joining the program this morning is Katie Anderson, Director, Children’s Miracle Network and Penn State Health Children's Hospital, and Brittany Baumgartner, parent of Penny Nelson and a Miracle Family as they discuss the importance of this hospital network for children and their families in thee area that are dealing with

Sep 19, 2022

Today, Paragon offers a range of mental health services: traditional outpatient therapy, autism diagnostic evaluations, immigration evaluations, and autism individual and group community services. Where they really shine is in their philosophy of caring for the caregiver. Too often, caregivers found themselves working in

Jul 26, 2022

Ready for our next episode of NOT Minding My Own Business? Our show features the business owners, operators, and influencers in the Berks County area. This week, we are joined by Dr. Kryn McClain, from Paragon Behavioral Health Services.

Jul 22, 2019

Carol speaks to Kryn McClain, President of Paragon Behavioral Health Services about Applied Behaviorial Analysis (ABA). Kryn breaks it down and helps explain the definition of and what's involved with ABA.

May 27, 2019

Kryn McClain, LPC, President, Co-Owner of Paragon Behavioral Health Services, speaks to Carol about the potential effects from lack of structure and change of routine for families of autistic children. Kryn provides suggestions and strategies to help you and your family have a smooth summer!

Speaking engagements

March 23, 2022
Laine Accelerator Pitch
Cardinal Health: President and Founder of Paragon Behavioral Health Services Dr. Kryn McClain

The expert interview with Dr. McClain covered a number of topics including:
  • The importance of mental health and seeking counseling
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Leading a business as a member of the LGBTQ community
  • Perspectives on micro-aggressions
  • Q&A

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